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Deactivate eigenvector purification (which is activated by default).


#include "slepceps.h" 
PetscErrorCode EPSSetPurify(EPS eps,PetscBool purify)
Logically Collective on EPS

Input Parameters

eps  - the eigensolver context
purify  - whether purification is required or not

Options Database Keys

-eps_purify <boolean>  - Sets/resets the boolean flag 'purify'


By default, eigenvectors of generalized symmetric eigenproblems are purified in order to purge directions in the nullspace of matrix B. If the user knows that B is non-singular, then purification can be safely deactivated and some computational cost is avoided (this is particularly important in interval computations).

See Also

EPSGetPurify(), EPSSetInterval()

Location: src/eps/interface/epsopts.c
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