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Basis Vectors - BV

The BV package provides the concept of a block of vectors that represent the basis of a subspace. It is a convenient way of handling a collection of vectors that often operate together, rather than working with an array of Vec.

These routines are usually not needed by application programmers.

Beginner - Basic usage
BV BVDestroy BVRestoreColumn
BVCopy BVGetColumn BVSetFromOptions
BVCopyColumn BVGetSizes BVSetSizes
BVCopyVec BVMatMult BVSetSizesFromVec
BVCreate BVMatMultColumn BVType
BVCreateVec BVMatMultHermitianTranspose BVView
Intermediate - Setting options for algorithms and data structures
BVCreateFromMat BVInsertVec BVNormColumn
BVCreateMat BVInsertVecs BVOrthogonalize
BVDot BVMatProject BVScale
BVDotVec BVMult BVScaleColumn
BVDuplicate BVMultInPlace BVSetActiveColumns
BVDuplicateResize BVMultInPlaceTranspose BVSetType
BVGetActiveColumns BVMultVec
BVGetType BVNorm
Advanced - Setting more advanced options and customization
BVAppendOptionsPrefix BVGetRandomContext BVResize
BVApplyMatrix BVGetSplit BVRestoreArray
BVBiorthogonalizeColumn BVInsertConstraints BVRestoreArrayRead
BVBiorthonormalizeColumn BVMatMultType BVRestoreMat
BVCreateTensor BVMultColumn BVRestoreSplit
BVDotColumn BVNormColumnBegin BVSetMatMultMethod
BVDotColumnBegin BVNormColumnEnd BVSetMatrix
BVDotColumnEnd BVNormVecBegin BVSetOptionsPrefix
BVDotVecBegin BVNormVecEnd BVSetOrthogonalization
BVDotVecEnd BVOrthogBlockType BVSetRandom
BVGetArray BVOrthogRefineType BVSetRandomColumn
BVGetArrayRead BVOrthogType BVSetRandomCond
BVGetMat BVOrthogonalizeColumn BVSetRandomContext
BVGetMatMultMethod BVOrthogonalizeSomeColumn BVTensorBuildFirstColumn
BVGetMatrix BVOrthogonalizeVec BVTensorCompress
BVGetNumConstraints BVOrthonormalizeColumn BVTensorGetDegree
BVGetOptionsPrefix BVRegister BVTensorGetFactors
BVGetOrthogonalization BVRegisterAll BVTensorRestoreFactors
Developer - Interfaces intended primarily for library developers, not for typical applications programmers
BVApplyMatrixBV BVGetSignature BVSetNumConstraints
BVFinalizePackage BVInitializePackage BVSetSignature
BVGetBufferVec BVNormVec
BVGetCachedBV BVSetBufferVec
No deprecated routines

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